With my camera I could see the reality of the world.

Meet Diego

Colombian Photographer
Based in Perth, Western Australia

I will never forget the first time I did my first Solo Wedding, I was super nervous and excited, but at the same time I was ready for the adventure that I was about to start.

Since I was a kid I always knew that creativity was the way I wanted to follow. I've been always so passionate about it that I even graduated as an Architect.

Being a creative is my life and when I realised that I could tell real stories for people through the lens, that's when the magic began.

Creating real stories that connects people is not easy, but I know that together we can create a beautiful story to make the difference.

Here everything is possible, and I'm here to support and guide you through the whole experience, serving you with creative ideas and brainstorming.

I'm a Colombian Wedding Photographer based in Perth, Western Australia and of course I can travel anywhere if you wish!

- living in a world when everyone loves and respects each other, that's where I want to live -

welcome to my life

what's your story?

Behind a big wedding day, there are so many adventures & love stories, and I can't wait to hear about them.

Tell me more about you and your plans!