Frequently asked questions

What’s your style of photography?

My creative, emotional, and spontaneous wedding photography style is well known. My photography is about emotions, and emotions are usually spontaneous, which is what I photograph: you being you.

As an artist, I enjoy experimenting with light and composition, so an overcast or very sunny day works well for my photography and provides me with a wide range of opportunities to create beautiful images. 

What’s the package I should select?

- 4 Hours of Coverage:
Best for: Coverage of your ceremony, portraits, and a bit more :D

- 6 Hours of Coverage: (Range of 70 Guests or less)
Best for: Regular sized weddings or partial day coverage

- 8 Hours of Coverage:
Best for: Average-sized weddings and almost full-day coverage

- 10 Hours of Coverage:
Best for: Full-day coverage with multiple locations

Just keep in mind that whatever time is used to commute between locations will cut into time we would normally be using to take pictures.

4- Hours:
Recommended for Elopements / Small Weddings

6- & 8- Hours of Coverage:
Recommended for Weddings where Ceremony and Reception will take place in the same location.

10- Hours of Coverage:
Recommended for Weddings with Multiple locations

How many photos should we expect?

As a final result, this is the minimum number of images that you get for your selected Wedding Package, however, if there are more images taken on the day, and of course these will be added as well.

4 hrs: 200+ /  6 hrs: 400+ /  8 hrs: 600+  /  10 hrs: 800+

How far in advance do we need to book? 

You must pay a retainer of 30% of the total price of the chosen package. And once everything is in order, your date will be reserved and booked!!

(If a payment plan is required for your Wedding Day, I will provide you with a few options that will work well for you; however, the balance must be paid two months prior to your Wedding Date.)

I feel very uncomfortable in front of the camera, what should I do?

The first step is to not be worried. I'm sure you don't want those cheesy photos where posing feels strange. As a result, we will not do so.

We look for authenticity, honesty, and emotions here!

Being yourself is the key to your beautiful photographs, so while enjoying your time with love and having a little adventure around your favourite location, having a glass of champagne, laughing, running, jumping, whatever you feel like, that's what we want to photograph, You, having the time of your life.

Why should we hire a Second Photographer?

A second photographer is essential for your wedding because this incredible human will be in charge of photographing those unique expressions, emotions behind the main scene (you guys), grandparents, mum and dad, friends, and emotional tears.

A second photographer is ideal for weddings with multiple locations. For example, when the Bride and Bridesmaids are getting ready, they are in a different location than the Groom and Groomsman.

For 8- and 10-hour coverage, I would strongly advise hiring a second photographer.

How long after the wedding do we have to wait to get our photos?

Typically, a set of images (Sneak peeks) is prepared shortly after the Wedding Day so you have something to look forwards to.

It usually takes between 4 and 8 weeks to finalise all of your images.
It will be delivered by a Professional Online Gallery, and you will be given a password. This is also shareable with friends and family members, allowing them secure access to your gallery.

You will also be able to download high- and low-resolution images, purchase prints, and do other things from your Gallery.

What’s an “unplugged” ceremony?

An unplugged ceremony is one in which only the professional photographer is permitted to take photographs. During the ceremony, guests are asked to turn off their phones and refrain from taking photos or videos.

As a photographer, I understand how important it is for people to share beautiful moments on social media, especially when their loved ones are marrying!

However, photographing a beautiful ceremony without these distractions, keeping your images clean, and not having mobile phones interrupt a beautiful moment. It makes a huge difference, believe me. What are your thoughts on that?

Why a Wedding Album is so important?

A wedding album is a work of art that was created with and for love.

A wedding album is more than just a book that sits on a shelf; it is a tangible proof of your love story that will be passed down to your children, grandchildren, and so on.

You must understand that by owning this masterpiece, you will be able to remind your loved ones and close ones of the importance of love and the importance of cherishing those incredible and personal moments in life. It is priceless to tell your children or grandchildren about one of the most important events in your life.

What happens if we lose our images?

The first thing I would advise you to do after receiving your Images is to create your own security copy.

Second, I always make my own backups of your images; everything is kept by me.

My backups are in two places, one of which is a secret.

If you lose your images, please contact me via email and I will assist you! This is never a problem, so don't be concerned! You are secure.


Passion for love led us here

Any other question?

Of course, send me those questions, I'm sure I can help you to solve any hesitation about your wedding day!