Loving Perth City Weddings!


Diego Nieto


If you’re celebrating your Wedding around Perth City’s inner areas, well, you won’t be disappointed!

Perth has the best photo opportunities for you to tailor a Modern, Vibrant and timeless love story for your Wedding day.

So, I can ensure you will have an amazing time!

As a photographer, I love taking the time to explore the city’s surroundings in order to find new spots that work perfectly with my style and the way I portray my couples’ love stories. Wherever you go in Perth City, you will find something new, special and authentic.

The architecture, the lighting and the time are the tools I use to create my art and the way my photographs look like. Saying this, every Wedding I photograph will be unique as every instant of time will happen only once, putting together a distinctive love story.

With a creative cinematic photography approach and storytelling, I specialise in capturing the genuine essence of each of my couples. I expertly transform emotions into photographic narratives, unveiling the most meaningful story of their lives. With a creative lens and a warm, experimental style, light becomes the centrepiece of their tale.

Now I would like to share a few photographs taken in Perth City’s inner areas to showcase my style and the way I can translate your personality, your style and your love in a beautiful Modern, Vibrant and Timeless photo gallery.

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