Waiting for the sun comes up


Diego Nieto


I love when things go incredibly well, and this day wasn’t the exception. Jeff and Abi got recently engaged and it’s time to celebrate!

Now let me tell you about this incredible day.

Jeff was secretly planning a beautiful engagement for already a while and he finally decided to share with me his three very important things he wanted to happened on this day in order to be make this time unforgivable.

  1. Date: 20-02-22
  2. Time: Sunrise
  3. Location: Kings Park, Perth WA.

Jeff & Abi got engaged on the 20-02-22, what a beautiful day and a very difficult date to forget!

If my couples have a crazy idea, something different and challenging I usually agree to do anything they have in mind as long as they feel loved and free. I love to photograph different situations, different styles and at this time Jeff has chosen Sunrise as the perfect time. The challenge came when we had to be at Kings Park ready at 4:30am and before the sunrise came up at 5:15am so they could spend a beautiful and majestic view right in front of the CBD.

Finally, the time has come and this is how everything went for this lovely couple.

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