We love the Old Tower House


Diego Nieto


Are you planning your Wedding ceremony through the OTH?

As a photographer, I want to share my personal thoughts about the place and why I believe is going to be your best option for your day.

I want to mention that this will be about my photography experience and my opinion from previous Weddings and Elopement celebrations I had the opportunity to be part of.

I will be sharing a few things about why I personally consider this place to be a wonderful space for lovers who want to have an intimate, personal and simply sweet experience on their day.

Well, let’s started!

The Old Tower House is an awesome landmark & iconic building located in the heart of Northbridge in Perth, surrounded by very interesting architecture, colours and styles for you to explore making it part of your own story. And hey, this is what we want, to find a place that does not limit your love story.

Additionally, being located in such a central area it will also allow you to travel to any other location for a more personalised and intimate photoshoot, this is really good, in case you want to visit your dream photo location or you are just inspired by a different vibe as well.

Now, I want to talk about these three things to consider when looking for the right Wedding venue.

Number 1, style:

The old tower house boasts a timeless blend of Italianate architecture with contemporary restorations, meaning that if you’re looking for something a bit classic and at the same time modern, this is your place. The venue itself is timeless, elegant and romantic and I am sure you will feel safe and loved here as it’s a very intimate and unique building, you will be able to be yourself and create your own atmosphere reflecting your own personality, so if you’re introverted, extroverted, colourful, not colourful, fun, here is the place, anything you want can be possible. So don’t limit yourself and enjoy the day as much as you want that as your photographer I will make sure you have a damn good day!

Number 2, lighting:

This is OMG! The best, especially when the light makes you daydream and you feel incredible, beautiful and calm. The light that comes through the big windows is just so unique, and you definitely will know what I’m talking about once you receive your Full Gallery. No matter what time of the day or month you’re having your celebration here, it will always be unique, lovely and so you.

As a timeless and creative photographer, I love it and I care about it so much, because for me the light is the most important element to be able to transmit the right feeling, the right connection and the right story for each of my couples, and when you see my photos you will see uniqueness, you will see art and you will be able to visualise yourself in it.

I want to see you shine and I want to make sure I translate your story of love into a perfect cherished Wedding album.

Number 3, intimacy & timeless:

Being able to share and to spread the love to people we love is something really incredible, and at The Old Tower House, you definitely will be able to experience the intimacy and the timeless, having all those important human beings you love in just one place, having the opportunity of creating something wonderfully unique that will be reminded in their hearts forever.

So now once it’s been said, please enjoy this set of beautiful images from my previous couples!

Enjoy it!!

If this is something you want on your day! Send me a message, I’d be so happy to be there for you.


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