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“Although we try to limit sugar intake naturally as type 1 diabetics, it meant a lot to us to be able to share the moment together” – Ella Mason.

Ella & Drake celebrated their Wedding Day at the Old Tower House, Perth on the 9th of September 2023. Best time ever.

But, before we get immersed in their Wedding Day through their photos, let me share a bit more about their incredible and inspiring story.

Ella & Drake met in late 2020, but have known each other a lot longer than that as they attended the same high school.

In high school, most people knew of her for the fact that she is a type 1 diabetic (mostly a cool thing for kids I suppose! She said). She was diagnosed in 2011, and so that’s been a majority of her later childhood. She intended to go on a date with Drake in 2020 but she got called into work and had to bail. 

He messaged her a week later asking whether or not she had type 1 diabetes, as he was diagnosed when he was 19. Her sister always had a plan for her to date another diabetic and begged her to go on a date even when she thought she would be single for a while. But, hey, look at them now!  

She grew up in Hobart, Tasmania. She considers herself a bit of a country girl at heart and hopes to one day move back to a more peaceful atmosphere. She loves animals and is fascinated by watching the way nature behaves.

Drake was born here in Perth and has always loved gaming and computers. His mum said he started playing when he was only tiny, and he is so talented with anything computer-related.

He works in IT and amazes Ella every day with how disciplined he is in every aspect of his life.

He started his health journey in 2017 and has completely transformed how he looks with how dedicated he is to health and fitness. He enjoys the city, modern living, their two cats and is a bit of a coffee connoisseur.  He plans on opening his own business in the future. 

They are grateful for their relationship every day as they teach each other the most valuable lessons and are constantly learning from each other.

The Cake

They were firstly contemplating whether or not they should have a cake, given that they had a small intimate ceremony, but it was something they still wanted to look back on and have memories of.

They wanted to support a small business and so they came across Misha (@mishasbakeryy) on Instagram. She had some inspiration or the sort of style they were aiming for, and when they asked for a micro cake for the two of them, she definitely delivered! 

The man himself (Drake) requested a chocolate cake with a strawberry filling. It was absolutely perfect, full of flavour and just the right amount of sweetness. I think anyone who is considering skipping a cake should consider an intimate cake tasting as newlyweds. 

Although they try to limit sugar intake naturally as type 1 diabetics, it meant a lot to them to be able to share the moment together. Although having diabetes can be pretty overwhelming and controlling, they think your wedding is definitely something where you absolutely need to experience a cake, even if it’s a little one. 

Thank you Ella & Drake for sharing your love story with me.


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